Monday, September 3, 2012

Never a dull moment

I work at a preschool that is year-round.  I read the posts of a lot of teachers writing about their Back-To-School plans and routines.  I don't have back to school plans because I never left.

The past few weeks we've had relatively low attendance, what with people going on vacation and gearing up for going to The Big School.  This is a blessing because it allows the Year-Round teachers to spend a little time attempting to get themselves organized.  

On Thursday, I was able to make some progress on the closets.  I should have taken before photos.  Alas.  Let's just say that a lot of stuff ended up in the garbage. 

I pulled a lot of empty plastic bins out of the closets and lined them up in order to decide what was garbage, what just needed to be cleaned and what needed to be cleaned and used in the closet rather than out on the shelves. 

Cue sassy little girl, 4 going on 25. " Miss Janette, you're making a mess. "
Me : " I sure am.  Sometimes you need to make a bigger mess before you can put everything back in order. " 

I managed to corral the mess somewhat before I left for the day, thinking I'd get a lot done on Friday.  No such luck. 

Friday morning at 8am, I walked into total chaos - and not the fun kind.  Furniture dragged into the middle of the room, plaster or paint dust on EVERYTHING and headache inducing paint fumes.  Cracked the windows and planned to be nomadic for the day.  Thankfully, one of the other teachers offered us her room for the day.  Whew. That solved the problem for Friday, but Tuesday is bound to be an adventure. 

So while the rest of you teachers are experiencing the excitement of greeting your new class, I'll be the one dusting, moving furniture and attempting to put my room back together.  I'll be sending you good thoughts for a smooth first day - pls send me good thoughts for furniture moving minions, dust-bunny slaying magic and no asthma attacks.


miss janette