Monday, August 27, 2012

Second week at the new school, second day putting out and introducing Montessori activities. 
Here, have some photos!

Feed The Monkey!

This lives on the Practical Life shelf.  Bowls are from Target, bananas are cut from felt, monkey mask downloaded from, trainer chopsticks from Pearl River Mart.  I cut a hole in a small plastic box lid and used packing tape to attach the monkey.   Children use the trainer chopsticks to transfer the bananas.  Once the bowl is empty, the child can move the box lid to the empty bowl and use it again or return it to the shelf. 

What will you wear?
 This lives on the History/Geography shelf.  It's a magnetic paper doll that I bought from a discount catalog (sorry, don't remember which one.) Children can dress the doll for the weather or we can use the doll to introduce weather and clothing related vocabulary. 

sweep the leaves, ladle the beans.
 These live on the Practical Life shelf.  Children use the silicone brush and mini shovel to sweep up the faux silk leaves.  I tend to switch the items to be swept seasonally - foam snowflakes in the winter, silk flowers in the spring, etc. Again with the bowls from Target.  The dried bean ladle activity uses the same bowls plus a gravy ladle purchased at a thrift store. 

I take mine very light, no sugar.
 Old stainless two-cup coffee pot re-purposed for a pouring activity, also lives on the Practical Life shelf.

My discount /secondhand store Montessori activities have been a big hit with this group so far. 
You don't have to spend a lot of money to get quality activities for your crew - you just need to have an eye for using things in a new way.


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