Saturday, August 25, 2012


My name is miss janette. 
I've been blogging in other places for years but I've decided to put all my teaching posts here.
I've been teaching pre-k since 2005. 
I've been a substitute teacher in a special needs school, a workshop leader at a children's museum and a very short lived public school teacher.  I've got an NYS Professional Certification for Early Childhood, B - 2nd Grade and a Montessori Directress Certification.
I've recently changed schools and am helping my school transition to the Montessori method. 

The title of this blog is a nod to my DIY / Punk sensibilities.
I'm likely not what you'd expect from a pre-k teacher.
I wear a lot of black, I use alternative music in my classroom and I've got a weird sense of humor.

Teaching very young children is always an adventure - I'm never bored and I'm always pushing my own boundaries.

Join me!


miss janette

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